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The neutral series focuses on browns, greys and other natural earth tones.


  • MOTHER EARTH #1807

    As wonderful as it sounds, Mother Earth is a beautiful representation of earth toned marble aggregates in a neutral epoxy matrix.  


    Timeless Taupe combines domestic marble aggregates in varied taupe colors in a neutral epoxy binder matrix. 

  • SOFT MOSS #1809

    These green, mossy aggregates are softened by the white and neutral counterparts, all nestled in a neutral epoxy matrix.


    A soft, cheerful spin on a neutral palette - just the right amount of golden yellow accompanies white and neutral domestic marble aggregates in a complementary neutral epoxy binder. 

  • SABLE SMOKE #1811

    These smokey grey aggregates are perfectly balanced by whites and neutral domestic marbles, all suspended in a neutral epoxy base.

  • CARMEL LATTE #1812

    Carmel Latte provides a pick-me-up with its carmel, white and neutral domestic marble aggregates floating in a neutral epoxy matrix.


  • Artistic freedom, unlimited design possibilities
  • Low or no V.O.C.'s
  • High traffic durability
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Chemically resistant and fire-proof
  • Groutless, seamless surface
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • Non-porous for healthy environments