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Divider Strips

Custom Terrazzo


An important piece of any successful Terrazzo install are divider strips.  Standard dividers are made of zinc, brass or aluminum.

Dividers serve a variety of purposes, they separate colors, create custom design elements, patterns, text, logos, depict images and can even tell stories. They act as a barrier between Terrazzo colors and allow intricate designs or patterns. Thus the dividers themselves actually become an important design element. 

Architects and designers love the ability to freely create unique designs, as there are virtually unlimited possibilities for your Key Resin Terrazzo floor.  

Divider Strip Placement

Divider strips are designed to be bent, cut and formed to create the outline of your custom Terrazzo floor design.  Think of a drawing rendered to scale, as a road map for Terrazzo installers, guiding them through the layout and design process. Once divider strips have been properly placed, only then will professionals begin mixing, pouring-in-place and troweling material, one custom Terrazzo formula and color at a time.

Terrazzo designs can be simple and stately, using straight or perpendicular divider strips with one or two colors and similar aggregates. Like the examples shown below:

Example Simple Divider Strips Simple Divider Strip Example

Or by contrast, Terrazzo designs can also be complex using intricately designed divider strips with dozens of colors and a wide variety of aggregates.  Like the examples shown below:

Complex Divider Strips Complex Divider Strips

From simple to complex, and everything in between, divider strips are an important part of bringing your Key Resin Terrazzo vision to life.   Together, let's Create a Work of Art!