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Key Epocon SLT

Industrial Mortar System


KEY EPOCON SLT contains graded aggregates combined with a unique epoxy technology to produce a fluid, self-leveling mixture that is spread with a gauge rake, squeegee or trowel. This system will regulate moisture vapor transmission while providing high wear, durability and impact resistance ideal for light to heavy traffic areas. Key Epocon SLT is the answer for both new and renovated areas and can be installed over most sound floors. Key Epocon SLT is a 1/8-3/16 inch seamless, low maintenance slurry broadcast system that provides the high wear, durability and impact resistance ideal for medium to heavy traffic areas. Key Epocon SLT’s chemical and dirt resistant finish is textured to improve non-skid and abrasion resistant properties. Key Epocon SLT can be installed with an integral cove base for areas requiring seamless wall to floor coatings.


    • High wear, impact and abrasion resistance

    • Will not lose bond due to moisture vapor transmission

    • Low maintenance

    • Safe, slip resistant finish

    • Low odor application

    • Chemical resistant finishes available


    • Powder rooms

    • Hotel/motel bathrooms

    • Warehouses

    • Stock rooms

    • Cafeterias

    • Laboratories

    • Corridors

    • Classrooms

    • Shower rooms

    • Numerous other uses - consult a Representative