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Key #807 Acrylic-Urethane Sealer

Acrylic Sealers


KEY #807 Acrylic-Urethane Sealer is a single component, clear acrylic emulsion formulated to create a non-yellowing, protective coating. Key #807 Acrylic-Urethane Sealer provides a tough, UV, and abrasion resistant film that protects surfaces from moisture penetration, staining, dirt, dust, wear and provides a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Key #807 Acrylic-Urethane Sealer is water based and low odor, which makes it an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications. Key #807 Acrylic-Urethane Sealer is designed to evenly wet the terrazzo matrix and aggregate, “popping” the true color of the epoxy or cement, and aggregates. The excellent water, alkali, and efflorescence resistance of this product, in combination with its exterior durability and its ability to adhere to a variety of substrates, allow it to be used in many applications. Key #807 Acrylic-Urethane Sealer can also be used to seal concrete, masonry, pavers, brick, Saltillo tiles, or any cementitious substrate.