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Flowcrete Americas’ industrial floor systems have been designed to deliver durable, wear resistant and easily maintained surfaces for clients working in production plants or heavy industry. Time-proven flooring formulations stand up to heavy forklift, pallet truck and pedestrian traffic while at the same time boast impressive resistance to aggressive chemicals, solvents and cleaning agents. Many systems also provide protection in areas subject to temperature swings and thermal shock.


  • Flowcoat CR

    Offers enhanced protection against the most common acids, alkalis, caustic soda, salt solutions, oils, fats and sanitizers.

  • Flowcoat ESD Nano

    Provides a hardwearing, easily cleaned surface in sensitive electronic manufacturing environments.

  • Flowcoat HTS

    A high-solids, low odor and UV light stable flooring system designed for areas subject to heavy traffic.

  • Flowcoat LXP HD

    Offers an adjustable slip resistance profile with the use of aggregates between coats and is suited to medium duty environments.

  • Flowcoat OP

    Designed to deliver a uniform orange peel style effect across the surface of the floor.

  • Flowcoat SKN

    Offers excellent resistance to chemical exposure and spillage, including battery acid.

  • Flowcoat SF41

    Offers high abrasion, slip and chemical resistance properties and is ideal for facilities subject to heavy processes.

  • Flowcoat SF41 HCS

    A chemical resistant epoxy floor coating system with adjustable anti-slip properties for use in aircraft hangars.