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Key Resin Company profile


Key Resin was founded in 1993 to manufacture and market resinous flooring and wall systems, concrete repair materials and maintenance products for industrial, institutional and commercial applications. These systems are environmentally friendly products that protect and beautify concrete. Key Resin's objective is to provide contractors and facility owners with quality material, excellent service and technical expertise.

Today's management team is led by its founder Robert (Bob) Cain as CEO, Jeff Cain as President (Bob's son), Eric Borglum as Executive Vice President, and Joe Larger as Director of Finance. This group is a dedicated internal team that is the foundation of the corporate philosophy of service to the customer and excellent product performance. Key Resin has a high caliber support staff and field sales/technical representatives with years of industry experience.


Prior to 1993, Bob Cain was co-founder and later President of General Polymers Corporation starting in the mid 1960's. General Polymers Corporation was a pioneer in the formulation and end-use development of corrosion resistant toppings, linings, and protective coatings. His function from the corporation's inception was to research, develop and market these products. Bob has spoken to many groups, university seminars, architects and engineers regarding the protection and restoration of concrete; including seminars at the "World of Concrete" on coatings for concrete floors. Throughout his career he has participated in and chaired many industry and government committees in the generation of national standards and industry specifications.

Over the years, the Key Resin product line has grown to encompass all categories of high performance polymers including epoxy, urethane, acrylic, methyl methacrylate (MMA), vinyl ester, and modified urethane cements. Highly popular brands including Key Epoxy Terrazzo, Key Lastic Membrane Systems, Key Epocon Moisture Mitigation Systems, Key Decorative Quartz Systems and Key Urecon Cement Systems spearhead the expanding market.

Key Resin Company has a complete specification service available to architects and owners, and will provide customized or guideline specifications as required at no cost.

Key Resin Company materials are sold through manufacturers' representatives to contractors and directly to the industrial market. Contractors installing Key Resin Company material must be approved by the Company, although Key Resin Company does not hold any financial interest in any contracting concern. It is the company's belief that such duplication challenges the integrity of the marketplace.